Good design

is invisible

It isn’t flashy or begs for It is there and you don’t even notice it. 

When you don’t need to explain how to use something, means that you did a great job.

is simple

It goes from problem to solution straight away.

This means using the right amount of materials, data and input from the user avoiding to waste precious energy or time.

is innovative

New technologies are popping up and can change the world in the blink of an eye. 

Be prepare for the change and become part of that change.

has personality

Some products become part of your life and part of you.

The painters’ brushes, writers’ stylo,… They all become more than just tools.

Do you have an idea that you want us to have a look?

Maybe a problem that is resisting to be solved?

in Mr.Prototype we offer your our machines, experience and knowledge to solve any problem

Burnometer is our own project fully developed in-house

It is the first smart pan thermometer

It helps people starting to cook to do it safely, improve your cooking skills and ensuresure repeteability among chefs

Our team

Pieter Rosseel

Product designer

Designer and creator of our printers.

Broad experience with all the necessary techniques to bring a product to market. 

Critical and long term thinking. 

3D printing, CNC 90%
Smart prototype
Electronics and software 75%
Business plan
Production cost, ROI... 80%

Níobe Alonso

Product designer

Creative and artistic work. 

The humanistic side of product design: User experience, marketing, client contacting…

Project overview and communication.

3D animation and video edditing 90%
Web design, graphic design, ads campaign 75%
Organization skills
Logistics, time management, planning 80%

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